Piano Method Books and Sheet Music on University of Alabama Songs and Other Topics

Mr. Battles has written hundreds of songs, a piano series for very young musicians (ages 4 through 12 is optimal), and has also arranged numerous songs associated with the University of Alabama. Noted below are some of the available books and sheet music offered by Mr. Battles.  

Piano Series for Younger Musicians

Piano Methods

Level  1A

Level  1B

Level  1C

Level  1D

Level  2A

Level  2B

Level  2C

Note: All these 44-50 page books are $5.00 each. They will be emailed to you as pdf documents that you print yourself (front only, not front and back) on 3 hole punched paper, holes to the top of the page. Place inside any 3 ring notebook with a sturdy back for your students. Most teachers charge students $10 per book. Most of the songs in these books are hand-written with larger, easy to read notes. 

Levels 1 are in 5 finger position, LH: F to Middle C. RH: Middle C to G. 

Level 2A is LH: F to Middle C, RH: Middle D to A.

 2B is in parallel F-C positions. 

2C is in parallel C-G positions but also begins scale work so that the right hand plays within the Middle C to High C range. 

Piano Series for Younger Musicians

Piano Activity (Theory) Books

Level  1A

Level   1B (1/2 book)

Levels 1C and higher: not yet available.

See the Methods book notations above. The puzzle series is formatted in the same manner and are also mostly hand written and hand drawn. Each page in the puzzle book corresponds to the same page number music in the method book of the same level. 1B covers 1/2 of method book 1B. 1A costs $5.00. 1B costs $3.00. Either will be emailed to you in pdf form, just as the method books are. Levels 1C and higher are not yet available.

Various Sheet Music

University of Alabama Sheet Music

Yea, Alabama: Chorus only Eb to Ab; 1st Edition Sheet Music: Very limited quantity, red ink, appropriate for playing or for framing: $15 each.

Yea, Alabama: Verse plus chorus Eb to Ab: sent to buyer as pdf to print out: $5.

Yea, Alabama: Chorus only: in Easy Piano arrangement: Key of C; Left hand bass clef can be played as single note line or in octaves. Sent to buyer as pdf to print out: $5.

Yea, Alabama: Chorus only: in 5 Finger arrangement in Eb but accidentals are written out in the piece rather than the key signature. Sheet music sent to buyer as pdf to print out: $5.(This arrangement is also available inside a soon to be available book for children up to age 14 titled Miss Crimson Explains “Yea, Alabama!” to Children: 

YEA ALABAMA FOR CHILDREN: VOLUME 1. Watch this website for announcement of publication of this terrific book.) 

Yea, Alabama in appropriate key for solo band instruments: Notate on order the instrument and the best keyed version will be sent to buyer in pdf form to be printed out. $3.

Alabama University March: A Battles arrangement of the first song written for the University of Alabama (1839). Classical music: Difficulty: Moderately Difficult. Used in ceremonies for 100 years at UA. Sent to buyer as pdf to print out: $5.

Corolla March in C: This late 1890s song was seldom played but was published in one of the yearbooks for students to enjoy. Difficulty: Moderate to Moderately Difficult. Sent to buyer as pdf to print out: $5.

Alma Mater: Nicely arranged version of the 1908 University of Alabama's Alma Mater. Difficulty Medium Easy to Moderate. Sent to buyer as pdf to print out: $5.

Crimson and the White: Written in 1910, this was considered the school song for many years. Very singable. Difficulty: Medium Easy to Moderate. Sent to buyer as pdf to print out: $5.

Glory, Glory Alabama: This 1910 song was the first athletics fight song and was used for several years. Difficulty: Medium Easy to Moderate. Sent to buyer as pdf to print out: $5.

Alabama Swing: Modeled after the Washington and Lee Swing, this late 1910s-early 1920s song replaced Glory, Glory Alabama as the school fight song. Difficulty: Moderate. Sent to buyer as pdf to print out: $5.

Note: All these titles will be included in standard moderate to moderately difficult levels in the soon to be published historical book, ROLLLLLLL TIDE! The Uncensored Journal of the University of Alabama (Yea, Alabama volume III: 1901 through 1926). Watch this website for announcements of publication of this book.

Student Song Lost for 150 Years!!

Student Tavern Song

University of Alabama Student Tavern Song from 1840s: Song lost for 150 years! This is the song that many errant UA students who were returning to campus from nearby Duffy's Tavern sang. Sold as pdf only. $5.