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Songbooks and Children's Cantatas etc.

Mr. Battles has written numerous songbooks and children's cantatas/musicals that have been sung and played around the country. Listed below are the currently in print works in this category. (Note: Go to the Gospel Music/Dottie Rambo page/tab to access more about The Dottie Rambo 60th Anniversary Songbook.)

A Gift of Love

A Gift of Love is the most popular and performed of Mr. Battles' cantatas. It is written primarily in unison and duet form. Advanced middle schoolers, high schoolers, and young adults will all find this cantata appealing. The choir may be made up of any one of the above performer categories or a mixture of the three. [One Note: "The Magnificat" should be sung by a high soprano with a very strong voice as it ends on  high G. ] The most popular songs besides "The Magnificat" include "Ain't Got No Room [Innkeeper's Song], "A Gift of Love," "Enrapt in Reverence," and "The Flow'r of Spring." Mr. Battles loves to hear/see recordings of his works, so if your choir at church or school or whatever your organization performs A Gift of Love or excerpts thereof, please feel free to email the performance to him.   These songbooks are handwritten and illustrated. The cost is $8 each; lower prices are available upon email request for quantities 10 and more.

New Children's Cantata for Young Children: Something Very Special Has Happened Here This Night

This unison, very singable and memorizable cantata will appeal to 4 year-olds through 12 year-olds. Popular songs so far include "Something Very Special," "Ain't Gonna Waste No Time," and "Jesus Christ! Messiah! King!" At the moment the cantata exists as lead line/lyrics/chord notation form only because Mr. Battles has not had time to arrange the musical accompaniment (piano).  The songs of the cantata will be emailed as pdf musical lead line documents until it has been fully arranged for piano. The lead line pdfs cost $5.

 Any children's music arranger who would like to try his/her hand at composing a simple arrangement for this cantata (and be paid by royalties/sales, as the composer is paid), please feel free to contact Mr. Battles via this website.